Saffron pottery jar 5Gr.


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Glass jar packaging with Twist-Off closure for better handling and storage. This type of closure, allows saffron, to be kept for longer in perfect condition thanks to its sealing system. Saffron 1994, is proud to be able to produce a high quality saffron respecting and recovering the traditional way in the process, from sowing to final roasting and packaging. To ensure the quality of our product, in Azafrán 1994, we only produce saffron in strand, preserving its natural properties, thus avoiding any possibility of adulteration in other types of presentations (ground, powder, capsules, …). Desecado in a traditional way, we have made Saffron 1994 clearly distinguish itself by producing a saffron of an intense red color of its stigmas, a sharp and penetrating odor and a maximum coloring power. To guarantee that it has not lost any of its properties, Azafrán 1994 recommends its consumption, once opened the packaging, within the next 24 months.

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